Training program

Training subject to change based on trainer availability.

October 8, Monday
1-day training: Building an AppSec Program with OWASP by Chris Romeo
1-day training: Machine Learning for Cyber Security Experts by Felix Leder
2-day training: Mobile Security Testing Guide - Hands on by Sven Schleier, Jinkun Ong
2-day training: Seth & Ken’s Excellent Adventures (in Code Review) by Ken Johnson, Seth Law
2-day training: Webservice and Web Application Secure Coding with the OWASP Top 10 and the OWASP ASVS by Jim Manico
3-day training: Hacking Your Organization (One step at a time) by Behrouz Sadeghipour
3-day training: Hands-on Secure Coding in Node.js by Chetan Karande
3-day training: Intro to Hacking Decentralized Applications and Smart Contracts by Mick Ayzenberg
3-day training: Python Hacker Bootcamp - Zero to Hero by Stephanie Carruthers
October 9, Tuesday
1-day training: So You Want to Run a Secure Service on AWS? by William Bengtson, Nag Medida
2-day training: Container Security, Serverless and Orchestration Training by Abhay Bhargav, Nithin Jois
October 10, Wednesday
1-day training: Small Team's guide to Security and Compliance in AWS by Prasanna Gautam
1-day training: Women In AppSec - Hands-On Penetration Testing Training - 1-day Training (FREE) (Women Only) by Vandana Verma


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